Bridger has added five how-to videos to the video library, further boosting Bridger Solutions’ move to provide mountains of training and support resources for its broker network.

Bridger’s policy management system is not difficult to operate, but these how-to videos serve as additional support assets for new agents and for those who do not consistently write business on a daily basis. “Our goal with these videos, and with Bridger Solutions overall, is to provide agents with quick resources for helpful information without them having to call the underwriting department,” stated Gerry Gruska, principal with Bridger.

The initial videos provided in the how-to section of the video library include:

  1. How to process endorsements
  2. How to process a customer payment
  3. How to set up a customer on recurring payments
  4. How to process policy cancellations
  5. How to upload documents

As Bridger adds new products and expands to states outside of California, Bridger Solutions will expanded accordingly to assure all agents have access to powerful training and solutions-based resources. The more Bridger is able to empower agents to engage, the more business they will write.

Visit the Video Library.