It’s been a few months since Bridger launched its Broker Mobile App, designed to streamline photo capturing and uploading process for vehicles with comprehensive and collision coverage. More agents daily are downloading, setting-up, and using the app. It is saving agents an average of 8-10 per vehicle.

Amezcua Insurance, led by Nancy Moreno, was the first agent to submit 15 policies in a single month using the mobile app. For that, Amezcua was awarded a $1,000 cash bonus by Bridger.

“Since we started using the Bridger app, the process of photo upload is much easier and much more convenient! Not having to worry about uploading those photos the ‘old fashioned’ way has saved us so much time… The photos area automatically emailed to us and we are able to print them out if we need to. My co-workers and I agree that the Bridger app is great!”

— Nancy Moreno, Amezcua Insurance